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Welcome to the Black Swan International Film Festival – Kolkata, a celebration that embraces the unconventional, the innovative, and the genuine artists of our era. Crafted by an independent filmmaker for independent filmmakers, our festival aims to spotlight emerging talents from every corner of the globe.

At BSIFF, we’re dedicated to providing a platform where filmmakers worldwide can thrive. We embrace all genres, striving to curate a selection that represents the pinnacle of cinematic achievement. Our festival serves as a nexus where professionals and artists can connect, fostering invaluable networks within the film industry. BSIFF is committed to showcasing not only exemplary examples of traditional filmmaking but also experimental works that push the boundaries of non-narrative forms and venture into the realm of video arts. Every submission undergoes meticulous review, ensuring that only the best in each category makes it to our screens. A panel of industry experts meticulously evaluates the finalists, ultimately selecting the most outstanding creations.

Join us in this cinematic journey, where creativity knows no bounds, and exceptional filmmakers find their spotlight, captivating global audiences along the way.


Rules and Regulations

Please review the following guidelines and terms carefully prior to submitting your film to the Black Swan International Film Festival (BSIFF). By submitting your film for competition at BSIFF, you explicitly acknowledge and agree to be bound by these regulations.

BSIFF welcomes films of all genres, themes, and origins. Please note that submitting your film does not guarantee its selection. All officially selected films, nominees, and winners will be permanently featured on our website, and we treat every filmmaker with equality.

Rule no. 1

You may resubmit a film entered in a specific BSIFF month for a second chance, as each season is assessed by different judging panels.

Rule no. 2

Films in languages other than English must include English subtitles; otherwise, they may be rejected outright.

Rule no. 3

BSIFF retains the right to decline entries.

Rule no. 4

Directors and producers have the option to submit more than one film in a single category and across multiple categories simultaneously.

Rule no. 5

By submitting your film, you agree to indemnify and hold BSIFF harmless from any claims, liabilities, losses, damages, and expenses, including attorney’s fees and court costs, related to copyright, trademark, credits, and publicity claims.

Rule no. 6

Once your film is officially selected, you will be notified, and it will be listed under Official Selections on our festival website. Being an Official Selection does not guarantee that your film will be screened at the festival; it signifies that your work was appreciated by our panel of judges, and you are entitled to use the festival logo on your promotional materials.

Rule no. 7

BSIFF will not refund any fees in case of a submission placed in the wrong category. Films submitted without the appropriate fees or proper submission materials may be deemed ineligible at the discretion of the BSIFF programming director or executive director. The festival does not cover any expenses incurred by the filmmaker.

Rule no. 8

Your submission should include an official trailer, poster, synopsis, and a link to your film. Please select the correct category during the submission process to avoid disqualification. We reserve the right to reassign films to the appropriate category.

Rule no. 9

Nominee films will be privately screened by the BSIFF judging panel and will not be initially shown to the public.

Rule no. 10

Nominee films will be privately screened by the BSIFF judging panel and will not be initially shown to the public.

Rule no. 11

Nominee films will be privately screened by the BSIFF judging panel and will not be initially shown to the public.

Rule no. 12

Nominee films will be privately screened by the BSIFF judging panel and will not be initially shown to the public.




Awards & Categoies

The officially selected project in each month will receive laurel and certificate and the winners will receive customised certificate and laurel and are rated at their respective IMDb pages (if applicable). Also all the monthly winners will automatically be qualified for annual screening and nominated for our, honorary Andrei Tarkovsky Memorial Award.

The awards are given in the following categories:

  • Short Films (Less than 30 minutes)
  • Narrative Features (Above 40 minutes)
  • Documentary Films (Any length)
  • Experimental Films (Any length)
  • Student Films (Any length)
  • Extra consideration: Best Director (Any Length)
  • Extra consideration: Best Cinematography (Fiction & Documentary) (Any Length)
  • Extra consideration: Best Editing (Fiction & Documentary) (Any Length)
  • Extra consideration: Best Sound Designing (Fiction & Documentary) (Any Length)
  • Extra consideration: Best Actor (Fiction) (Any Length)
  • Extra consideration: Best Actress (Fiction) (Any Length)
  • Extra consideration: Best Supporting Actor (Fiction) (Any length)
  • Extra consideration: Best Supporting Actress (Fiction) (Any length)
  • Virtual Reality (VR) / Augmented Reality (AR) and 360° Video (Any length)
  • Web and New Media (Any length)
  • Mobile Film (Any length)
  • Young Filmmaker (Under 18) (Any length)
  • Debut Filmmaker (1st or 2nd Film) (Any length)
  • Horror / Science Fiction / Genre Feature Film (Above 40 minutes)
  • Women’s Films (Any length)
  • Film on Women (Any Length)
  • LGBT Film (Any length)
  • Animated Films (Any length)
  • Family/Children Films (Any length)
  • Educational Film (Any length)
  • Films on Disability Issue (Any length)
  • Film on Religion (Any length)
  • Film on Nature / Environment / Wildlife (Any length)
  • Travel Film (Any length)
  • Silent Film (Any length)
  • One Minute Film
  • Postmodern Films (Any length)
  • Free Speech (Any length)
  • Television / Pilot Program or Series (Any length)
  • Commercial / Advertisement (Any length)
  • Music Video (Any length)
  • Best Film Score – Soundtrack
  • Trailer/Teaser (5 minutes or less)
  • Film/Video Poster
  • Photography (Photos from film set included)
  • Treatment / Synopsis
  • Short Script
  • Feature Script
  • Amateur Film
  • Best VFX Artist
  • Best Producer
  • Crime short
  • Romantic short
  • Comedy short
  • Selfie video

Besides the BEST of the category AWARDS, there are also OUTSTANDING ACHIEVEMENT AWARDS, which are given in different categories.



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